Sensei Sona Ghosh – Shotokan, Meet the legend -A Tribute to our Senior

SONA GHOSH started his karate training in the year 1965 with his brother Raaja Ghosh who was training under Sensei Myint Swe in Burma (now Myanmar). Later, both the brothers started training under Tetsuya Kataoka who was sent by Japan Karate Federation to the Burmese Judo and Karate Federation on Cultural Exchange Programme by the Japanese Government to Burmese Government. After completing his B.Sc. (Physics) he left Burma in 1971 and joined the Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics, at Rajabazar Science College, P.G. Institution of Calcutta University, and completed his B.Tech in Radio Physics and Electronics. Later, joined the Indian Institute of Social Work and Business Management of Calcutta University and completed his PGDBM from there.
Both Raaja and Sona Ghosh started practicing and teaching karate at the rooftop of a friend Abhijit Pramanick at Mudiali in South Calcutta where a few friends joined; no fees were charged. Unfortunately, Raaja met with a motorbike accident and lost his one leg and left Karate. The training location shifted to Chang Wah Restaurant at Central Avenue and then to Taruner Ahaban Mart at Vivekanand Road. One day, the Secretary of YMCA College Branch N. S. Subaiya met Sona Ghosh, by then a well-known karate teacher, and invited him to start teaching at YMCA College Branch professionally in 1978, the place where he still teaches regularly.
Since then Sona Ghosh has taught thousands of karateka, amongst whom hundreds attained black belts until now. Ghosh always encouraged his students to appear for black belt tests under the world’s renowned karate teachers and get certified by internationally acclaimed karate organizations only. His students thus were awarded black belts by instructors, Bonnie Roberts, Hirokazu Kanazawa, Nick Adamou, Paul Perry, Gerry Breeze, and Katsutoshi Shiina of the JKA.
The time when Sona Ghosh started teaching in Kolkata, there were only two other karate teachers well-known to the people; Anil Sinha and Dadi Balsara. Both Sinha and Ghosh used to teach Shotokan style of karate and the tournaments hosted by either of them were attended by the students of both the instructors. Those days, fights in the tournaments were tough and tensed but skilfully managed by both the senior teachers and their senior students. The competition between the two groups never turned in to rivalry.
During his prime, Sona Ghosh traveled throughout Eastern India; West Bengal, Jharkhand, Odisha, Bihar, and Assam teaching Shotokan Karate that he learned from the noteworthy masters such as Bonnie Roberts, Hirokazu Kanazawa, Murakami, Katsuya, Suzuki, Nick Adamou, Paul Perry, etc. to name a few by traveling Srilanka, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
As a veteran teacher of karate Sona Ghosh regularly teaches, practices, and attends karate camps even now at the age of 69 years. In the last six years, he has passionately trained with a few of the world’s most respected teachers of karate viz, Masao Kawasoe, Toshihiro Mori, Fujikiyo Omura, and Katsutoshi Shiina all from the Japan Karate Association. Being one the most senior exponent of karate in our state Ghosh always preferred training over running behind high ranks and thus holds the prestigious rank of JKA 4th Dan Black Belt and a JKA certified Instructor, Judge, and Examiner. Sona Ghosh holds the position of the General Secretary of the “JKAWF INDIA Kolkata” and a member of its Technical Committee since 2015.

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