Sattrajit Chaudhury – Shotokan Meet our legend-A Tribute to our Senior

Sattrajit Chaudhury

Sattrajit Chaudhury.
Age :65 Years.
Education :M. Tech (Applied Physics)
Karate background :
I started learning Karate under the guidance of Sensei Anil Sinha in early seventies. Sensei Sinha was a deciple of great Shotokan master, late Sensei Enoeda, known as Tiger of Shotokan. Sensei Sinha was British University champion and he reached to last 16(pre quarter finals) stage in World Championships conducted by WUKO(the the then body of WKF)
I started on the very first day of Sensei Sinhas class at YMCA, Wellington Brach, Kolkata.
The training was a bit different those days with constant emphasis on basics and different conditioning exercises. Sensei used to made us practice each technique hundreds of times and each combination was done till we get totally exhausted. Kumite was very hard in the Dojo, with no protective gears such as gloves and injuries were common. A Makiwara was installed in the gymnasium and I used to love to strike that for at least 30 minutes before each training session. I had put up a heavy bag in my home which was filled with sand only as I couldn't find saw dust anywhere near my residence. That made it really heavy and I used to hit that with different hand and leg techniques during my spare time,which was not much as there was quite a pressure of study also. One very unusual habit developed due to the shortage of time. I started sleeping less and less. Though on an average I used to train at least 3 to 4 hours, besides attending my college and university, yet I somehow managed with a sleep of an average 4 to 5 hours. This is still being continued and in spite of caution from many, including doctors, I am quite healthy at my age with no ailments like high BP, sugar etc.
I had the opportunity to train under the guidance of famous Senseis such as Yahara, Kasuya, Sakata, Yoshitaka, Kawasaki, Aramoto, Pemba Tamang, Richard Amos and others,which helped me to understand Shotokan Karate a little bit. But to be honest, I am really grateful to Sensei Anil Sinha for helping me and guiding me to move forward both technically and spirituality.
In competition scenario, I had a reasonably successful career. I was captain of West Bengal team for seven consecutive years and I was member of all possible events such as Individual Kumite and Kata as well as Team Kumite and Kata (it was allowed to take part in all possible events during those days) having won several 1st,2nd and 3rd places. I was also selected for World Championships conducted by WUKO, but could not find a sponsor. I was also awarded 'The Best Fighting Spirit' award in AIKF 's Jamshedpur national championships where I won 5 rounds in Kumite, with my right hand bandaged due to a fracture in my middle finger of right hand but Imanaged to reach the final, where I lost to Hukum Singh of ITBP, to get 2nd Place. This award was given only once in the history of AIKF.
Later on I won bronze medals in both Kata and Kumite in WSKF World Championships in Tokyo, Japan. That was a very satisfying moment for me. I was also awarded Best Instructor's award in WSKF, which had members in 55 countries. That was another very satisfying moment for me.
I was a member of Referee Council of AIKF and a Judge of Asian Karate - Do Federation in both Kata and Kumite.
Today I am trying to propagate Shotokan Karate in its pure form and to the best of my abilities. I am working as Chief Instructor of World Traditional Shotokan Karate Federation with branches in 20 states and also in Dubai, Muscat and Sri Lanka.
My dream is to continue till last day of my life.
I always enjoyed competition but I feel the traditional aspect of Karate should not be compromised. Without traditional and spiritual aspects, Karate can not be considered as a Martial Art.

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