Mr. Rebati Ranjan Raha, a name which has become renowned to his disciples by his dedication, versatility in teaching martial arts since 1964. He was a dedicated and dynamic teacher in view of both his skill and devotion to make an organisation looks forward to develop students with disciplined and good moral character.
He emphasized not just on the physical aspects of martial arts training but the philosophy behind it. Knowing fully what a profound influence the martial arts can have on one’s own personal life, he takes his responsibility to his students seriously and does everything possible to help them cultivate a greater sense of calmness, focus and self awareness ultimately improving and enriching their daily lives. He was basically a Judo player in 60’s. Since then he became interested in developing sports association in Bengal and in the year 1968 he established West Bengal Judo Association in our City of Joy, Calcutta. He participated in National Judo Championship thrice and awarded Best Player in the year 1968. He did his dual role in Judo games as a participant and trainer in various tournaments in our country. He represented Bengal in National Level tournament and our country in various international meets.
Keeping view in such versatile talent in Judo, Indian Judo Federation appointed him as a National Coach in the year 1984 and Mr Raha continued coaching till 1986. Meanwhile he became interested in another Martial Art, KARATE in the year 1976. He started practice Karate and teaching Judo in a piece of place at Calcutta Rangers Club.
To enhance his knowledge and to understand the Karate administration he visited Japan in the year 1979 and stayed there for six months. Under the auspicious touch and sincere training of Shoshi Isamu Kamagata of Japan he became a favorite disciple of Soshi due to his good basic knowledge in martial arts and tenacity. On his return he established Calcutta Martial Arts Club in the year 1979 at 13/1A, Govt. Place East, Calcutta – 700 069.
Sensei Raha, got into an intense lifestyle where he would do Judo and Karate both classes at that newly formed Martial Arts Club. He was oblivious to the material gains of his hectic activities. He remained focused on the development of Judo and Karate in India.
In 1982, a team from Japan lead by Soshi Isamu Kamagata visited Kolkata to demonstrate Karate techniques and its effect in society. This programme attracted young people and a positive result came forward with affiliation of various district’s club started this game ‘Karate’ at their respective places. These demonstrations provided a much-needed push to the budding Karate movement in Bengal. That’s the beginning of the journey of Seigo-kai Karate-do in India.
It was Sensei Raha’s efforts as an administrator and a teacher that made the Sego-kai Karate-do association grow to its present strength of 11000+ registered members.
To impart his values to the Karate fanatics, he deals with his students with a firm hand. He rebukes his students severely in case of any discrepancy or lapses on their part.
His own personal gains were a low-priority, as he always believed in the development of his students’ strengths and character as his primary goal.
Sensei Raha was basically a self-made man, who has throughout his life, encompassed himself in the strict realms of discipline. His absolute and untiring devotion in imparting a strong value system to his pupils continues unabated, even on this day. This, he believed, was the right and earnest way of serving humanity.

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