Important Announcement from General Secretary

The Style chief
Karate Association of Bengal

Dear Sensei,

Greeting from the Karate Do Association of Bengal!

In an effort to systematized the operational of Karate Association of Bengal (KAB), the governing body for Karate sport in state of West Bengal and spread out the membership of the grassroots level you are hereby requested to follow the following formalities and documentation.

1.Please update your membership with KAB for the year 2018-2019 within the month of April 2018. Please ignore who already paid the membership fees.


2.Please do collect the Money Receipt and the Membership Certificate from KAB office on time.

3.Register your Dojos with the Respective District Karate Association, as per KAI guidelines by fulfilling the formalities of the said District.

4.Only the registered karatekas of the member dojos will be able to take part in the official events hosted by the District Karate association. All members are to be resident of the respective Districts. The dojo address must be a genuine one and subject to inspection by KAB official.

5.Please inform KAB in writing before hosting any tournament, get ‘Event Approval Letter’ from KAB office prior to the said tournament. Only the Hosts of the approved events will be eligible to use the logos of KAB, KAI, WKF etc. in their banner and promotional materials.

6.Matches in all approved tournaments must be conducted by any WKF or AKF Judge along with KAI qualified judges and referees.

We seek active co-operation from the Styles Heads to take Karate in Bengal in new height.

Should you face any problem implementing the guideline or whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact KAB office, we are committed to serve you and grow together.

last and final Reminder
Dear Members this Sunday is the last date to submit material of Souvenir.Afterward it won’t be entertained and it will will be considered as donation to KAB.
Hope to receive all of ur cooperation
Thanking you
Shihan Joydeb Mandol
General Secretary

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